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Achievers by day, over-achievers by night. Welcome to Vitae: Welcome to REAL hostel life.

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    Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel

    If you’re just looking for a bed for the night and nothing else… that’s easy. There are thousands elsewhere in Budapest. But if you want something more from a hostel, and from the people who work (& live) there… if you want a community, an experience, and an atmosphere bursting with creativity, excitement and fun: Welcome to Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel. Welcome to REAL hostel life. The real difference? Attentive and caring staff who actually take an interest in all parts of your stay in Budapest. They understand that Budapest isn’t just about tours, castles and churches, which is why they organise social events every night. A week with at Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel usually includes a Party Cruise on The Danube, backpackers’ parties, live music open mic nights, mad epic pub crawls, cheap drink nights, Thermal Bath Raves and much, much more. As part of the Budapest Party Hostels Brand, they’re the least wild of the four, but they still go out every night drinking… they’ve even added a Beer Vending Machine so you don’t have to walk all the way downstairs when you need a pint. But if partying the night away isn’t for you, the amazing staff at Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel can always suggest other cultural ideas for you cause they always know what’s going on around Budapest, and they have a great environment with chill out areas if you just want to stay in for the night. The staff at Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel will spend time with you during check-in telling you all about what they love about Budapest: all the cool places, the discounts, the sights to see, the things to enjoy, the culture to soak up and, most of all, the parties you won’t remember in the morning! Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel is suitable for single travellers who like to meet people, but also has space for groups as well… as long as you want to get involved! Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel: Achievers by day, over-achievers by night.
    Protip: This Hostel has joint parties every night with three other Budapest Party Hostels!
  • The staff and the night activities are the main reasons why you won’t ever want to leave Budapest… If you’re a big partier or not, those nights will still be the best ones in your trip… The hostel manages to keep calm for those who want to sleep in, but make it completely over the top for those you want to party. As a girl, I always felt safe doing those activities, and the location is easy to find!
    Camilledumontm – Montreal, Canada
    This is hands down the best hostel I’ve stayed at in Europe.
    Christine S – San Francisco, California
    Originally I had only booked for five nights and ended up extending my stay. Not once, but twice! This hostel is great for solo travellers who want to meet others, go out at night to experience the best of Budapest’s nightlife and also go sightseeing during the day.
    Kendall_a – Sydney, Australia
    This hands down is one of the best hostels I’ve stayed at so far!! It offers the perfect balance of chilling and partying! And its safe to say the staff really do make it no wonder nobody leaves (or wants too) Budapest. Everyone is ready to recommend something to go do, see or where to eat and often if its there day off they’ll tag along with you! Every night they have a communal dinner and then a pub crawl which unlike other hostels you don’t have to pay for!
    …sightseeing during the day, and insane parties at night.
    Ollie d – Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
    Latin lesson: Seize the Night Life… We made some lasting memories and met some amazing people. This is the one party hostel where you’ll meet some interesting characters, party hard, and hopefully remember your trip.
    Ervin L – Chicago
    The staff are cool, but can be hard to find when you need them and probably passed out or very hungover. If you’re young, single and dont want to see any real sights in Budapest, stay here.
    The hostel is very much 100% party vibe.
    Woodsyo – Perth, Western Australia, Australia
    Taxi shuttle service: Safe reliable airport pick up for just 4.590 forint (16Euro). The taxi company can also arrange somebody to wait for you with your name-plate at the arrival gate for 5.390 forint (18.8 Euro). Please email the hostel HERE to book.
    From Liszt Ferenc International Airport 1: Take the shuttle train to Nyugati train station (every 20 minutes, journey takes around 25 minutes), then get the 4/6 tram, in the OPPOSITE direction of Széll Kálmán tér, for 2 stops which will be Király utca. Get off here and call buzzer 22 at no. 50 Erzsébet körút.
    From Liszt Ferenc International Airport 2: Take the 200E shuttle bus (ticket 320 HUFs) towards Kőbánya Kispest and then take the blue Metro line towards Újpest-Központ then get off at Nyugati train station. From here you can take the 4/6 tram 2 stops, in the OPPOSITE direction of Széll Kálmán tér, for 2 stops which will be Király utca. Get off here and call buzzer 22 at no. 50 Erzsébet körút.
    From Nepliget International Bus Station: Take the blue metro line in the direction of Újpest-Központ for 8 stops and get off at Nyugati Pályaudvar. Come out of the basement and onto street level and take the 4/6 tram 2 stops, in the OPPOSITE direction of Széll Kálmán tér, for 2 stops which will be Király utca. Get off here and call buzzer 22 at no. 50 Erzsébet körút.
    From Nyugati Train Station: Take the 4/6 tram 2 stops, in the OPPOSITE direction of Széll Kálmán tér, for 2 stops which will be Király utca. Get off here and call buzzer 22 at no. 50 Erzsébet körút.
    From Keleti International Train Station:
Take the bus no. 5, 7 or 173 two stops to Blaha Luijza tér and then get on the 4/6 tram for 2 stops which will be Király utca. Get off here and call buzzer 22 at number 50 Erzsebet körút.
    There are night services from all stations to get to Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel. Call Taxi2000 on +3612000000 and use code “222″ and they’ll know you are going to the hostel. DO NOT pick up taxis from the street, because they will likely rip you off!
  • Address: Erzsebet korut 50, Budapest, Hungary
    Phone: +36 70 670 0387
    Facebook: CarpeNoctemVitae
    Twitter: @cnvitae

9 comments on “Carpe Noctem Vitae Hostel

  1. Lot’s of fun here

  2. Yvonne on said:

    Carpe Noctem Vitae -redefine your standard idea of “party.” Vitae is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. This hostel is by far the best for young travelers looking for a combination of debauchery, buck wild nights, new friends and memories to cherish. That is, if you can hold your palinka shots.

  3. The best location ever!

  4. RON MCBEAN on said:

    please pass meaasage to SARAH MCBEAN GUEST

  5. Biggest party hostel, Had some of my best nights of my life here and didn’t want to leave, every day I would extend my stay by one or two nights. Highly recommend if you want to party and meet the best staff and people ever! Place to be!

  6. joe kozlenko on said:

    The best hostel in the world!

  7. Cristián Eyzaguirre on said:

    Stayed in Carpe Noctem for four nights in january of 2013.
    Best hostel i´ve ever been to. Great staff, great atmosphere, and awesome parties in an awesome city.
    By the end of my stay I most definetely did not want to leave.

  8. Jordan on said:

    Stayed at this bitchin’ place for about week back in October 2012, even after a year of bumming around Europe I still fondly recall Carpe Noctem as the best hostel in this world.

  9. Really awesome hostel, great people in a great location. I would definitely visit again, they really show you how to party in an amazing city. It’s truly a sublime place

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