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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much extra do you charge me to book through you?

A: Nothing. We’ve partnered with Hostelworld (Book Hostels & Web Reservations International) to ensure that there are no hidden charges and no chance that your credit card or other details will be used for evil.

 Q: So how does your site make money?

A: We receive % of the deposit amount. Your deposit is exactly the same amount whether you book through us or through Hostelworld. We also receive money every time someone clicks an Advertisement on our site.

Q: Why did you create this website?

A: After travelling around Europe and staying in Party Hostels, we decided we’d like to stay at some more. But there was no website available that we could search. The only way we could find any was to trawl through Google results and reviews. Once we decided to create it, we stumbled on the below excerpt from a Forum about Party Hostels and we knew we weren’t alone in our frustration!


Q: Wait! I have a question that you HAVEN’T ANSWERED!!!!

A: Woah! Calm down! Just send us an email HERE and we’ll answer it… Jeezzz… No need to be a little bitch about it!