Grandio Party Hostel - Budapest, Hungary

The party animal's playground for the excessive. Get fucked and get fucked again. It's not just a Hostel, it's another world.

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    Grandio Party Hostel

    YYou can sleep when you’re dead so DON’T expect to get any here. Welcome to Grandio Party Hostel, the party animal’s playground for the excessive and the wildest of the four hostels owned by Budapest Party Hostels, where (almost) anything goes. Grandio Party Hostel is one of the only true party places on this earth that welcomes alcoholics, lost souls and arty people with talent but no direction and audiences. Grandio is the place with a crazy cult following; a living. breathing creature that’s constantly evolving (or maybe devolving?). Every night the staff take you out on different activities: from fancy dress parties or pub crawls, to live music nights or karaoke nights, as well as taking you to their favourite (and some of the cheapest) bars in the city. If you feel like doing something a little different, the staff at Grandio know all-too-well the nightlife in Budapest and will recommend different nightly activities depending on your tastes. The staff have all been hand picked, who might seem a bit wild when they’re walking around wearing onesies or dressing gowns with a beer in one hand & a strawpedo in the other, but this is the Grandio uniform: they wear whatever feels comfortable (or whatever they got from the Euro Store that day). Grandio Party Hostel is as wild as the staff and guests, decorated by street artists from around the world it houses a games room with table football and ping pong, the bar, a secret restaurant (which we could tell you about, but we’d have to kill you) and if you’re lucky, a loo with a view. But when the bar is shut, just move on down to the Late Night Room, the den of noise and naughtiness, with a sex bed and hammock, depending on how adventurous you are… and then (if you’re not too hungover) the staff can organise daytime activities for you the next day. This is a real Party Hostel: they go out every night, they drink in the day time, there’s a bar, there’s sometimes sex, and always a lot of debaucherous fun. If you don’t like these things, please try a calmer hostel, like Carpe Noctem Vitae. Who will be the Legend or the Lightweight of the night? Grandio Party Hostel… their motto is: Get fucked and get fucked again. It’s not just a Hostel, it’s another world.
    Protip: Stay here for the Pub Crawl, the Party Boat and the world-famous Jager Train!
  • Grandio, once again we had the time of our lives… It is a Party Hostel and from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, the staff and the guests are just one big, very happy (and somewhat drunk) family. We absolutely 100% recommend this place.
    Itsnotpossible – Luang Prabang
    The rooms were fine, the staff was awesome, and they make sure you have a good time! Pretty good location, and exactly where you want to stay if you’re looking for a party hostel!
    Amckey – Milan, Italy
    This hostel is very good if you like to party and if you don’t really expect to get some sleep. Every night there is something organized to go out, which is really awesome. You will meet a lot of fun, laid-back people at this hostel because everyone that goes there goes to have a good time.
    Emiliebolduc11 – Montreal, Canada
    Easy to find, IMPOSSIBLE TO LEAVE. I went to Grandio for the first time in February and was back again by the end of May. It’s a fantastic hostel, by far the best I have ever stayed in. The staff are amazing, so welcoming and fun, encouraging you to explore the city but making sure you’re back in time for whatever they have planed that evening. If you love to meet new people, drink and have a good time, then stay at Grandio… Remember to mentally prepare yourself for the mess that you will inevitably become when staying here. With it’s laid back atmosphere comes a lack of morals and accountability. Don’t expect a lot of sleep, you’ll be too busy having a good time for that. Don’t be surprised if you extend your stay by a week or two, Grandio is very hard to leave, the people you meet there are amazing and the city of Budapest is by far my favourite place. I’m already coming back again in August. I’ve had the best fun here at Grandio, I recommend you book now and prepare for the best hostel experience you could ever imagine! So much love for Grandio!
    RachaelBowyer31 – The Hague, The Netherlands
    My plan was to stay 2-3 nights but I stayed more than one month and guess what? I am still here! This place is great for young people who want to have time of their life. Every night parties, getting drunk, making love, play games, meet new friends, experience the night life of east Europe. Hostel is in a party discrict in the center of Budapest… so lets make it clear: it’s a PARTY HOSTEL. so no sleep, but that is the point if you want to stay here.
    Sergio997 – Budapest, Hungary
    Great place to have a kickn time! This hostel really made our stay in Budapest one to remember. The courtyard bar is perfect for partying morning, day, and night. Prob won’t get much sleep but fuck it sleep when you’re dead. I’ve been staying in hostels almost every weekend for the past year and the staff is the best staff I’ve had yet. They are personable and fun. Knowing everyone on first name basis and making sure everyone has a good time is pretty sweet! Good work mates, we had a GRANDio time! Highly recommended #hotcunts
    Tyler Y – Florence, Italy
    And if you like to party, these people know how to have a good time! There’s never a dull or sober moment! …if you do NOT enjoy being woken up by people having a threesome 2 feet away from your head, do NOT stay here. We made it through 3 nights at Grandio Party Hostel. On the 4th morning we woke up early, packed up our stuff, and got the hell out of there.
    Bree456 – Regina, Canada
    Grandio is like living in a magical bubble of debauchery, irresponsibility and unaccountability. Every night involves ridiculous alcohol fuelled shenanigans organised by grandio staff – these guys are the raddest, nicest, funnest kids on the block and instantly became our friends. They genuinely give a fuck about you and will do anything to make your stay more enjoyable. We were supposed to stay for 6 nights and ended up staying almost 3.5 weeks and even then we had to force ourselves to leave. Grandio is the greatest hostel (that we’ve stayed in) in Europe and we’re already planning to return!
    Lauratheexplorer23 – Adelaide, Australia
    Taxi shuttle service: Safe reliable airport pick up for just 4.590 forint (16Euro). The taxi company can also arrange somebody to wait for you with your name-plate at the arrival gate for 5.390 forint (18.8 Euro). Please email the hostel HERE to book.
    From Liszt Ferenc International Airport: Get the 200E shuttle bus (ticket 320 HUFs) to Kőbánya Kispest. From here Go on the Metro north towards Újpest Központ. Change lines at Deák Ferenc tér onto the Red Metro line and exit after one stop, Astoria. And when you have come up the escalators turn right; take the exit Rákóczi út. Walk up this street and take a left down Nagy Diófa Utca. Grandio is on the left hand side just over the first block, no. 8.
    From Nepliget International Bus Station: Buy a metro ticket (320 hufs) and validate it. Go on the metro north towards Ujpest Kospont. Change lines at Deak ferenc ter onto the red metro line and exit after one stop, Astoria. and when you have come up the escaltors turn right; take the exit Rákóczi út. Walk up this street and take a left down Nagy Diofa Utca. Grandio is on the left hand side just over the first block, no. 8.
    From Keleti International Train Station: By foot – exit the train station and walk down Rákóczi út until you come to Nagy Diófa Utca on your right hand side. Turn right and continue straight. Grandio is just over the first block on the left hand side. They are the brown gate on the left hand side with the sign ‘grandio’, it is no. 8.
    There are night services from all stations to get to Grandio Party Hostel. Call Taxi2000 on +3612000000 and use code “222″ and they’ll know you are going to the hostel. DO NOT pick up taxis from the street, because they will likely rip you off!
  • Address: Nagy Diofa Utca 8, Budapest, Hungary
    Phone: +36 70 670 0390
    Facebook: GrandioPartyHostel
    Twitter: @grandioph

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  1. Grandio. What can you say, a life changer to say the least. Everybody should put their lives in the hands of these raunchy fuckers for a while, then a little while longer after you decide to extend your stay.

  2. jeremie on said:

    looks like a great party hostel, join us in london once we run the Nuts Pub Crawl

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